Born in 1983 in Mashhad, and growing up in the northern Iranian province of Mazandaran, Misagh Joolaee began to play the violin at the age of eight. Within 5 years he accomplished learning of the persian-classical repertoire Radif. 1996, Misagh won the first prize in violin solo competition at Fajr Music Festival, the most prestigious music festival in Iran, at the age of 13 in the young performer's category on violin. Furthermore, he studied setar, tar and especially intensively kamancheh with various iranian masters. Then followed by an eductation on piano and violin in European Classical Music.
 His musical career is characterized by a great versatility in working with musicians of different countries. In 2009 he founded the ensemble Aavaan, with which he performed his own compositions and won the competition Creole - Global Music in 2010 in Germany.  

Misagh was also a lecturer at the World Music Faculty of the University in Hildesheim from 2011 to 2014. 

In 2014, he appeared as a kamancheh soloist in the performance of the 5th Symphony of Awet Terterjan with the State Orchestra of Braunschweig in the town hall of Braunschweig. 2021 he has been as kamancheh soloist on tour in the Netherlands with Cappella Amsterdam with concerts among others in Muziekgebouw Amsterdam.  
2021 he founded with Schaghajegh Nosrati and Sebastian Flaig the Joolaee Trio. They gave their celebrated debut concerts at the Rusolstadt-Festival 2022.
2023 Joolaee appeared as kamancheh soloist at the premiere of the kamancheh concerto "Fuga" composed by Henning Bundies in Braunschweig with the TU Braunschweig Orchestra. 
All of Joolaee┬┤s kamancheh CDs, Ferne 2020, Unknown Nearness 2021 and Qanat 2022, received the most respected German Record Critics Award "Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik".